I’m an author, blogger, brand historian and retired marketing professional. I get a kick out of viewing past history through a present lens and I like to write about brands, products and people of the past. My goal is to educate, inform and entertain through my articles on Medium. I'm happy to engage with readers in lively conversations and I'll always respond to a comment on any of my stories. I've been a top writer in history, technology and food. Check out my lists of stories -- something is sure to catch your interest!

In addition to writing Medium articles, I write books and I blog. My latest book is "WORLD WAR BRANDS." My other books include "BOOMER BRANDS" and "BOOMER BRAND WINNERS AND LOSERS." If you're a Boomer, check out my blog: https://www.happilyrewired.com

To learn more about me and my published work, please visit my website: https://www.barrysilverstein.com

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Barry Silverstein

Barry Silverstein

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Author, blogger and retired marketing pro. I like to write about brands, products and people of the past. Please visit my website: www.barrysilverstein.com